The Autumn Cup 2021… Buckmore Park is back!

by 13th June 2021

It’s been a long and difficult year for you all but as we said.. “All good things come to those whom wait”. F100 Kart Club are extremely excited to announce the return of owner driver racing to Buckmore Park from this summer.

Time never stands still for the F100 team and we have been fully engaged with Buckmore Park since last November. Finally, we’re delighted to announce the return of MSUK Kart Club race weekends at Buckmore Park on a regular basis. The first event taking place on the bank holiday weekend in August incorporating Round 4 of the F100 90’s Tour with invites extended to BHKC and FP4S.

Announcing the new move, F100 Operations Director Jay Fairbrass said, “this has felt like the longest summer and winter ever. It’s been a very tough time for F100 and Buckmore Park. The uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and inability to plan for large events has been very disruptive to us both. To those of you that kept the faith, and hung in there, thank you so much.

Complimenting Jay in Ops, Co Director Chris Derrick said “The time now feels right and the future looks bright with lots of opportunities opening up for owner-drivers at Buckmore Park with a focus on grass roots, family orientated club racing and we cant wait to see you all later in the year for our first club event.”

Going forward, after an agreement with Buckmore Park’s Co-Owner Rich Martell and his management team, F100 intend to operate regular MSUK owner-driver race meetings and test days for a variety of Gold Book Senior, Junior and Cadet classes.

More details of the 2021 and 2022 fixtures and test days to follow shortly.

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