Talko and F100UK join resources to create a fresh new karting class

by 10th November 2019

Announcing the most exciting thing to happen in karting since…. err… well the 90s, Classic TKM and Classic TKM Extreme will run as part of the F100 90’s Tour on period 100cc and 115cc karts up to the homologation period ending 2003.

Maxxis tyres are of course the order of the day for any TKM kart and after extensively testing the tyres on a 28mm kart from 2001 with a 30mm axle, we are delighted to report the kart handles beautifully and just as it should. In fact we’d go so far to say we have actually enhanced the TKMs of the 90s with this new race tyre.

The tyre comes on nicely and performs consistently from the word go giving the driver confidence to push the tyre right from the green light and without any notable degradation.

In fact, we have done the best part of 400 laps on our test tyres so far and failed to see any drop off in performance.

With Talko behind us, Maxxis slick and rain tyres and a fair set of manufacture affiliated rules, Classic TKM will be attracting the best of the budget conscious racers in this fantastic 90s TKM comeback class at some of the UK’s best circuits.

F100UK Classic TKM poster

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