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F100… The spirit of the 90s

F100 is a national kart racing series embracing what we believe to be the best eras of karting ever. Covering the periods known as Formula A and Formula ICA during the 1990s, you too can now drive these fantastic machines and emulate your karting heroes.

The series appeals to those who wish to race this type of kart with the machines being presented for racing in the same condition they would have originally been used, back in the day.

F100UK Luca Corberi Pre 2000
F100 has a class for everybody…

Our traditional air cooled 21,000 rpm screamers are used in Pre 2000 & Pre 95. They all have homologated two stroke, air cooled engines on period chassis. Rotary or Reed, the choice is yours. Open tuning within a few simple boundaries means all the engines can achieve near parity.

Contact F100 if you would like to demonstrate a Pre 2000 kart and feel the raw speed and agility for yourself.

F100UK Pre2000 Branded Kart
F100UK Aqua PFI
In 2018, we introduced F100 Aqua for those wishing to race F100 but on more modern chassis…

With strong entries and using the Parilla Lynx family of engines, we have given Aqua the ‘F100 treatment’ to this somewhat forgotten engine of the 90’s and delivered you a fantastic water-cooled class, with electric start and an up-to-date chassis. Check out F100 Aqua as your race class for 2020.

F100 Classic TKM kart
Brand new for 2020 and with affiliation from the manufacture Talko, Classic TKM and Classic TKM Extreme for heavies fits perfectly into the F100 family. With extremely low running cost from the simple and much admired BT82 piston port engine on homologated TKM or 100-UK chassis’ this class aims to attract new drivers looking to race within our prestigious 90’s British tour at some of the countries best race venues.

Could TKM 100cc and TKM Extreme 115cc be what you have been looking for to fill the gap in karting? Our friendly paddock atmosphere & superb social scene are legendary, coupled with fast and very serious racing on track.

Contact F100 if you would like to feel the raw speed and agility for yourself by arranging to try our demonstration TKM kart.

F100UK Pre95 Push Start

Join the UK’s most exciting 90s kart series today

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