Round Six: Buckmore Park

by 8th October 2019

Here were are at Buckmore Park for our season end finale after travelling the length and breadth of the country. Phew! We made it!

We’re not just at the end of a phenomenal journey through 2019 but also at the beginning a fresh new chapter for F100 going into 2020.

Over the next few months, many things will start to drop into place. We’re already have options and invites coming in from many circuit operators that we have not be allowed to race at until now.

Our hope is that we can push forward with the new F100 Kart Club and race fully under Motorsport UK permit next year.
F100 Kart Club has applied for a Championship Status race permit which will not only give us prestige as yet unseen but also even more credibility as a race series.

The aim is to put F100 at the forefront of Historic Kart racing in the UK, leading the way with our systems, technology and operational approach for many more people to embrace and enjoy.

Of course, that is the primary focus. Talks are still to be finalised with interested parties and we are also in the early stages of negotiations with TalKo and we look to synchronise our approaches to racing.

More on that to follow soon but today we are delighted to announce our new and fully F100 integrated class to be known as F100 – Classic TKM.

It also goes without saying that we look forward to welcoming back the 100-uk drivers when ever they wish to join us for our championship rounds next year.

Yours in sport,
Chris, James, Jay, Tim

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