Round Four race day cash prizes

by 5th September 2020

Something a little different for R4 @ Fulbeck.

COVID has hit many of us hard and undoubtedly affected every single one of us in some way or another.

Entries for Fulbeck will be a little different this month. Apart from the cash prizes on offer below (provided by four different generous F100 benefactors) we are inviting you to register early to be in with a chance of winning a prize draw of all competitors registered within the first 48 Hours to win a Free Entry and Practice at Buckmore Park on the 24th / 25th October.

To help you further through any COVID hardship, just message us, call us or email us at F100 and we will add you to the entry list straight away and send you an invoice by email that will be by payable by 25th September for your Tyres, Spares, Practice and Entry.

This gives you and extra week to pay for everything but gets you on the board and in the free draw for Buckmore and helps us with the planning of Round 4.

F100UK Round Four Cash Prizes

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