F100s electronic scrutineering system to be launched to all kart clubs by Alpha Timing

by 1st July 2020

As many of you know, about 18 months ago, F100 embarked upon a unique project with Alpha Timing to design and deploy an electronic scrutineering system. We approached Alpha’s Will Alderson and Will Tew with a demanding set of ‘real world problems’ and asked him to solve these problems but in the virtual world.

A few months later and hundreds of hours work, Alpha had designed into their innovative registration and timing software, a bespoke electronic scrutineering system to our specifications.

Drivers equipment as initially self checked ‘period correct’ before being approved for racing by the F100 team. We also get rid of wasteful and insecure paper scrutineering cards. Scrutineering would now all be done electronically and we can honestly say its the finest software we’ve ever come across.

What’s more today, Alpha Timing announced the launch of this module for ALL kart clubs to use so we are delighted to have played a part in its development and hope that clubs embrace and enjoy the innovative experience of virtual scrutineering.

Oh…… and a BIG thank you to Alpha Timing for taking a chance on us 18 months ago with our somewhat whacky and ‘out there’ idea.

For more information about this unique system, please visit: Alpha Timing

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