F100 90s Tour 2021: Round Two Race Day Information

by 8th May 2021

Its May and were still pushing boundaries all over the place as we visit Kimbolton for the second leg of the F100 90’s Tour at this iconic 100cc circuit.

This weekend will see drivers from all over the country come to together in a megawatt of sight, sound, noise and style of F100 90s karts.

We have been riding a wave of positivity over the last 6 months or so with many of you not being able to get out and practice your beloved sport. We are near the end of Coronavirus restrictions now and all being well, the next time we meet at either PFI in June or GYG in July we should all be a lot nearer to what we remember as being normal.

Big pat on the back to you all for helping our club be compliant and safe, enabling us all to go racing.

Kimbolton…. This has been a journey of over two years for us since we first made contact with the lovely little club that is HKRC.

The team here consist of so many great people that, like us, exist on a lot of volunteer help. It really is a labour of love running a Kart Club and our thanks for to Nigel and Daphne, Sarah and Mick and all of the other key personal that can be seen on the rear of this programme. As you can see there have been a monumental upgrades in the paddock areas.

We have really enjoyed working with them to get to this point and through intelligent and logical discussion, we have overcome many obstacles by putting in procedures and practices to assure HKRC we can operate, not only alongside them but with them, to offer a really unique race meeting where old meets new. I really hope that you guys put on a proper show of 90’s karts for them and their members, giving them a race meeting to remember us by.

Its still fantastic to see so many new faces in all classes again, you are all very welcome and it’ll be great to finally meet you all at the weekend.

In the background, the work that continues with our Regional Association and Department of Culture, Media and Sports has enabled us to put this meeting on for you and again with the assistance of local councils, the local police departments and most importantly, the backing of MSUK. Without the prior authorisation of any the above, we simple wouldn’t be racing.

I have to say the Pre 2000 A-Final should be a show stopper. 34 100cc Air Cooled karts with the best qualifying drivers of the weekend al heading into T1 at 22,000 RPM. If you’re not in it, then don’t miss it… If you are in it, then the driver coming out in front will really deserve to win that final and we just can’t wait to see the lights go green.

Yours In Sport
Chris, Jay, Tim
Your F100 Team

alphaLIVE at F100 Round 5 Buckmore Park

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