Classic TKM tyre data comparison

by 12th August 2020

Paddock rumours about anything are seldom a good thing for any series operator so when we started to hear lots of chatter about the our new Maxxis Green Tyre for Classic TKM, we decided to go on a fact finding mission.

Shore rating was very interesting indeed But not the whole picture, and yes, we have physically measured all tyres and found the statistics to be true.

  1. The old Maxxis SLC was rated at between 58 and 62 giving it an average shore hardeness or 60. Our test on 10 year old SLC’s that had been wrapped and stored measured in at 60 Shore.
  2. The Maxxis New Age Green is also rated at between 58 and 62 also measured exactly what it was supposed to be. 60 Shore.
  3. The YDS is listed as between 68 and 78 Shore. A pretty big variable for a race tyre. Regardless, our set measured in at 71 shore.

Our test drivers and competitors alike can tell you there is nothing to fear about the new age green.

The Maxxis New Age Green is the closest tyre to the old Maxxis SLC which was replaced in 2010 with the Green.

It’s perfectly race able and perfectly durable to the tune of 400+ Laps.

We feel the lack of understanding and apparent unwillingness to learn or seek the truth is creating an unexplainable fear.

This fear then leads into a totally understandable feeling of hate. Hatred is not good for anyone.

So again, in true F100 style, we set about seeking the data for you to help you make your own decision.

We will add to it as the year goes forward but for now, check our data out below.

F100UK Classic TKM Tyre Data 2020

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