Britain’s Finest TKM: Race Day Information

by 22nd October 2021

Welcome all to the F100 Kart Club at Buckmore Park for the TKM Britains Finest Event.

Some of you may have seen us at other circuits with our Spirit Of The Nineties British Tour Series, in which we run several classes from the late 80’s to late 90’s Homologation periods including in conjunction with Talko, a Classic TKM grid.

We were recently asked by the circuit owners the Surtees/Martell family to re introduce Owner/Driver Karting to Buckmore Park, so the F100 Kart Club was formed to facilitate the running of monthly Motorsport UK race meetings for current karting classes.

You’ll find this weekends program should give you a huge amount of track time over what you would normally expect at other circuits, partly because of the current tyre shortage preventing other guest classes coming which will be especially good for those of you that have never driven this legendary circuit before.

You’ll be joined this weekend by a grid of Honda Cadets, these guys love Buckmore & every time we hold an event here, their grid pretty much sells out. Again, Honda numbers are however a low as there is also a shortage of the Dunlop tyres they run on.

Talko saw the problem coming and were able to ring fence stock to assure you all had tyres if you needed them.

You’ll see we do things a little differently to other Kart Clubs, the first thing being that we practice under Permit, this is a new concept we’ve been working on with Motorsport UK. It assures that you have the best level of medical and insurance cover available.

The other differences are your race weekend info is readily available through your Alpha Login & Virtual Event Noticeboard. Hopefully you’ll soon be up to speed and find it a great experience.

Your F100 team will be on hand all weekend to make sure you have the best experience possible.

We hope you all have an enjoyable, safe and successful weekends racing with us.

Yours in Sport
Chris Derrick, Jay Fairbrass
Your F100 Team

F100 Round 4 2021 Buckmore Park Poster

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